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clint + liz
a backyard wedding
herrick, illinois


COVID made them reschedule their wedding not once, but twice. What was supposed to be a large, traditional spring wedding was quickly derailed as Clint & Liz scrambled to make new arrangements for their upcoming ceremony. 

They replanned everything (twice) with so much grace. They rolled with the punches and trusted that everything would work out in the end, and boy did it. They settled on a small, intimate ceremony with their closest friends and family in Clint's parents backyard. Looking back on their big day, I can't imagine it any differently now. We ended up with a beautiful, warm November day (which is highly unusual for Illinois), their friends & family surrounded them with so much love throughout the whole day. It was such a special event to be a part of. 

They trusted the process that in the end, love always wins. Although they weren't able to have their wedding at their original venue, who knew the perfect place would end up being in your own parents backyard. 

Enjoy the highlights from Clint + Liz's wedding day! I hope these photos bring you just as much joy & happiness as they do me :)

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