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I'm taking my years of experience and education, and packing it into a two hour mentorship. This will be a live Q&A where you can ask me anything. I will break down my entire workflow. This is perfect for the photographer who is just starting their business, or the photographer who just needs the extra push to take the next step into a profitable business. 

Some of the topics I will go over: 

  • how to book your ideal client

  • marketing & social media

  • session questionnaires

  • connecting with clients

  • camera settings

  • editing workflow

  • delivering galleries to the client

My goal is to help you find your own unique style, and help you grow into a successful business owner. As well as finding what you are passionate about in this industry and diving deep into your creativity to blossom your true, authentic self so you can show up for your clients in all aspects. 

"I walked away with a spark knowing I learned so many helpful tools. You were so easy to work with and connect with. I got all the answers I needed to improve myself and my business."

"I had an incredible experience mentoring under Darien! She was a blast to be around and made things so fun and easy to understand. I walked away with so much knowledge. I’m so excited with how it will improve my business."

"Darien’s mentorship was more than I could have expected! I was hoping to learn a little about the business & different camera settings, but I walked away with so much more than that! She was so organized & gave such great information about every aspect of the business. Highly recommend!"

The Full Mentorship

A two hour one on one mentorship (in person or online). We will dive deep into what you need to focus on to develop your own unique set of skills. From properly running a business to shooting and editing, all questions are welcome. 

This mentorship will also include one session where you can shoot alongside me. You can choose a couples session, family, maternity, or senior. I will help you with posing, connecting with your client, camera settings, and personally show you how to ensure your session runs smoothly. 



The Q&A 

This mentorship will focus on everything the Full Mentorship does, except the live session with clients. 

I will gladly answer any and all questions you may have. Much of my teaching comes from my own personal trial and error. I love teaching the "to-do's" of this industry, but will also educate on the "don'ts". 

My intention is to help you fully transform your business and gain confidence in your work!




Shadowing is a new opportunity I am so excited about it. As of right now, I am only offering shadowing on its own for weddings. 

You will assist me for a real life wedding experience with one of my personal clients. This is not a second shooting opportunity, but one where you can see first hand how to work efficiently and properly. 

Shadowing could also result in second shooter opportunities with me in the future. 

This is perfect for the photographer who wants to shoot weddings but doesn't know where to begin or is inexperienced. 



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